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Get a Shirt and Give Back to the Kids – Interested? Eastern Passage Pirates T-Shirts $20

It is easy to pay for your shirts. Yes shirts, plural. We all need to get one of each style.
You can pay by credit card with PayPal or send an EMT to PassageBaseball@gmail.com.
Since we live in the Passage we can meet up to get your shirts (plural), or for an extra $5 per shirt I can mail them out.

The cost of everything is going up and up. Thanks to Covid things now seem to be going UP and UP. We are trying to keep the cost of playing baseball as low as possible, so every kid who wants to play, can play. We use the money raised for new gear, replenish old uniforms, plus any extra work we may need to do to our fields that HRM doesn't cover.

We have been kicking around fund raising ideas for the association. In the past we sold helmet stickers and car window stickers. I thought this is an opportunity to help, so I dusted off ideas that I have used for fundraising in the past.

If all goes to plan we can sell these high quality Guildan shirts for $20 each (incl tax). Which will put a few dollars from every shirt sold back into the association. 100% of the profits from these shirts is going back to the kids.

No shirts have been made yet until we know if there is any interest.

The minimum order for silk screening is six, in order to have a sale price of $20. Once we get six shirts of any one style ordered, they will be produced, and in your hand within a week. After we place a few orders we will hopefully have a few shirts on hand.

Get a Shirt and Give Back to the Kids – Interested? Eastern Passage Pirates T-Shirts $20
100% of the profits from the sale of these items goes to Eastern Passage Pirates Baseball

Use Any Credit / Debit Card - No Fees - No PayPal Account Required

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